Meta Platforms (META) – Zuck Video – February 17, 2024

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Meta Platforms (META) – Zuck Video – February 17, 2024

Zuckerberg released a video this week. It was somewhat critical of Apple’s Vision Pro and called Quest better for pretty much every use case that exists right now – despite being a small fraction of the cost. For now, there will remain heavy debate on how the two are positioning themselves to lead in this potential next computing wave. I’ve explained in detail why I don’t think it will be a winner take all and why I see a giant duopoly forming (like iOS closed ecosystem vs. Android open source). Aside from that, I don’t care who is leading today. The hardware is still clunky, uncomfortable and years away from being miniaturized to a point of adoption ubiquity. That may never even happen. So today, the argument of who has the small edge doesn’t matter to me. This won’t be a needle-mover for financial results; it won’t be clear who is leading in innovation for a long time. For now, all we can do is experiment with the nascent products and be entertained by the banter.

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