Revolutionizing Smart Beta Investing

BBAE’s MyAdvisor brings the smart beta revolution to your fingertips. Our technology-powered portfolios track smart beta indexes with track records of outperforming the market.

What is Smart Beta?

Smart Beta is an investment strategy that combines the benefits of both passive and active investing. It aims to outperform traditional market-cap-weighted indexes by using alternative weighting schemes based on quantitative factors, such as value, growth, or quality. This approach generates excess returns over time by systematically exploiting market inefficiencies.

Active Portfolio Management

BBAE’s MyAdvisor smart beta portfolios consist of stocks selected based on growth and value factors. These portfolios are rebalanced regularly to optimize performance using dynamic style mapping.

Customized Stock Baskets

Unlike an ETF, with BBAE’s MyAdvisor, you’ll own baskets of individual stocks in your account, ranging from 40 to 100 different stocks. This personalized approach allows for greater control and customization of your investment portfolio.

Expert Collaboration

BBAE’s MyAdvisor believes in the power of collaboration. Our strategic partnerships with the industry’s top asset allocators underscore our commitment to providing our clients with unparalleled investment opportunities.

Accessible & Transparent

BBAE’s MyAdvisor ensures smart beta investing is within reach for all investors with straightforward pricing and low minimums. Our fees are clearly disclosed, and there are no hidden costs or fees.

Tailored Financial Guidance

With BBAE MyAdvisor, you gain access to personalized, expert financial guidance designed to help you navigate the complexities of the market and make informed decisions for your financial future.

Comprehensive Risk Evaluation

We assess your risk tolerance through an in-depth questionnaire, then construct your portfolio to generate targeted returns at a risk level you’re comfortable with. Our rigorous evaluation process helps protect you from overextending your investment risk.

Discover the power of smart beta investing with BBAE MyAdvisor. Open an account today to unlock tailored financial guidance and take control of your financial future!

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Investing Reimagined:
However You Choose to Invest, We Guide You There

Experience BBAE, the investment platform designed with you in mind. We prioritize your needs by aligning incentives, offering a wide range of investment options, and providing industry-leading content resources. Bid farewell to excessive trading as we focus on maximizing your long-term returns. Take control with self-directed trading supported by top-tier research, explore thematic and famous investor portfolios, or opt for our actively managed smart beta portfolios. We empower you with comprehensive content resources to make informed investment decisions.

The BBAE Difference

MyMarket: For hands-on investing, take the wheel with trading tools, data, and education for self-directed investors. Choose your own adventure.

Discover: For exploration and ideas, engage cruise control and explore curated investing themes, sectors, and portfolios. Learn strategies employed by the world’s most successful investors.

MyAdvisor: For hands-free investing, sit back and relax while our digital wealth management platform and portfolios tailored to you handle the driving. Achieve your goals powered by expertise that generates results.

Why Choose BBAE?

Solutions for Any Level: Offering control or guidance, we support your financial journey, tailored to your unique needs.

Decades of Data and Experience: Leveraging insights and smart beta indices proven to outperform the market, delivering optimal outcomes.

Innovative Technology: Enabling personalized solutions through digital platforms, based on your goals and interests.

Backed by Knowledge Leaders: Working with renowned partners to ensure expertise and a track record of performance.

For investing tailored to you through choice or guidance, experience the BBAE difference. Reimagine your journey to financial freedom on your own terms. However you choose to invest, we guide you there.

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