About Us

What would an investment platform that places its customers’ interests above all else look like?

This was the guiding question when we founded BBAE.

Our vision for BBAE was to create an investment platform of the future; one that embodies our deep commitment to our customers and our dedication to what truly matters for their long-term financial growth. BBAE is a reflection of our care and an embodiment of our determination to provide what really matters for our customers to grow their long-term wealth.

How We Do It

Aligned Incentives

In our commitment to your success, BBAE seamlessly integrates aligned incentives, zero-cost trades, and enriching educational resources, fostering an environment that deters overtrading and supports your wealth-building journey.

It sounds granular, but the best way we can care is by aligning our incentives with yours. We not only offer $0 trades but – and this is important – our business doesn’t encourage you trade more. Unlike with some brokers, you’ll never see us motivating you to trade more, whether with emails or confetti. You’re free to trade as much or as little as you like. But because academic evidence has shown that investors have a tendency to overtrade, and that overtrading isn’t good for their returns, we decided early on that we wanted BBAE to be part of the solution for our customers.

Product Offerings: from hands-on to hands-free

At BBAE, we offer a continuum of products, from hands-on trading with MyMarket, to theme-based investment ideas in Discover, to MyAdvisor’s automated, actively managed portfolios, empowering you to choose the level of guidance that best aligns with your investment style and goals.

We structured our products on a continuum so you can decide whether you want to simply decide your own trades with MyMarket (assisted by BBAE’s top-tier research and data), review bespoke investment ideas based on themes, sectors, and portfolios of famous investors with Discover, or get more automated with one or more of BBAE’s cutting-edge actively managed portfolios with MyAdvisor. As proud as we are of our portfolios, we invite you to explore all three offerings and decide which fits you best – or if they all do!

Industry-leading content resources

Your investment journey is supported by our industry-leading resources, offering insightful investment ideas, incisive commentary, expert interviews, and comprehensive education to bolster your decision-making confidence and resilience amid market volatility, guiding you towards achieving your investment goals.

Investing is a journey that we’re on together with you. We know that it’s not always easy, and not always intuitive, and that how things are framed and explained can make a huge difference – a difference in which investments you choose, in how confident and comfortable you feel with your investing strategy, how you handle market ups and downs, and a zillion other things. From investment ideas to razor-sharp commentary to interviews with experts to education, we’re in your corner with what you need to make informed portfolio choices – and then follow them through to your investment goals.

We designed BBAE to embody our unwavering commitment and targeted focus on delivering resources and services crucial for our clients’ long-term wealth accumulation. Part of that means listening to our customers, so if you ever contact us, whether for a logistical question, a compliment (we are humans, so we love them) or to share an idea about how we can help you better, you’ll hear from a real person – a person who cares.

Guidance and Control

Zero distractions and zero commissions. Generous sign-up and referral bonuses. Automated portfolios based on market-beating models. Tools, data, and curated investing themes. BBAE has everything you need – and nothing you don’t. From hands-on to hands-off, BBAE’s offerings mold to your unique preferences – even when they change. Financial freedom is a journey. Begin your journey with BBAE today.

At BBAE, we out-care the competition. We do it with no commissions. We do it with tools, and with curated themes to save you research time. And we do it with the best automated portfolio platform in the industry. But most of all, we do it because we want you to become much wealthier. Isn’t that what you want, too?

Better investing doesn’t come from more options – it comes from better options. It comes from knowing when to trade – and when to wait. From knowing what to do – and knowing your limits. From tools to ideas to automated wealth management, BBAE has everything investors need to become better investors. Better investing comes from BBAE.

Wealth comes to those who wait, but with many investment platforms, the waiting is the hardest part. Not with BBAE. In an investing industry that pursues its own interest – with pop-ups, prompts, and high fees – BBAE pursues yours. We’ve created a platform that has none of what doesn’t work (or what works against you) and plenty of what does. See the difference a BBAE account makes today.

Real investors know that wealth doesn’t come from in-app confetti, faster trading, sterile content, or high-fee advisors. Real investors know that fewer distractions means better actions, that free trades and aligned incentives matter, and that it’s nice to have a range of no-pressure options from trading to thematic investing lists to letting automated investing portfolios – based on market-beating models – do the work. Real investors use BBAE.

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