Buffett-fest, InsiderEdge Highlights, and a Q1 Growth Compounder Portfolio Review

Buffett-fest, InsiderEdge Highlights, and a Q1 Growth Compounder Portfolio Review

Welcome back to the BBAE Blog, your trusted source for the latest investment insights and analyses from the BBAE team.  Our featured articles for the week are “3 Big Questions for Berkshire Hathaway,” “InsiderEdge Highlights: March & April 2024’s Top Insider Trades” and “BBAE’s MarketGrader Growth Compounding Portfolio – Q1 2024 Review.” Here we go!

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3 Big Questions for Berkshire Hathaway

Buffett-fest? Woodstock for Capitalists? The BBAE team is onsite in Omaha this week to provide you with exclusive reporting from the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. James kicks us off with his big 3 questions for this year’s event. First, how will Berkshire’s lieutenants handle the spotlight in the wake of Charlie Munger’s passing? Second, what will Berkshire’s share repurchases be for 2024, and what does that say about how Buffett views the company’s stock price? And third, is Berkshire a net seller or net buyer of stocks, especially US stocks, thus far in 2024? Stay tuned for more insights and analysis from the BBAE team in Omaha. Click here for the full article. 

InsiderEdge Highlights: March & April 2024’s Top Insider Trades

We’re highlighting the best of the best from InsiderEdge for March and April. Catch these daily updates in real-time in the BBAE app.

Stock performance since the corporate insider trade date:

  • Carvana Co. ($CVNA): +51%
  • Paysign, Inc. ($PAYS): +55.7%
  • ALX Oncology Holdings Inc. ($ALXO): +47%
  • NextNav Inc. ($NN): +98.9%
  • Zura Bio Ltd ($ZURA): +39.3%

InsiderEdge™️ has been on fire. Be sure to stay updated by checking the daily updates in BBAE Discover. Click here for the full article. 

BBAE’s MarketGrader Growth Compounding Portfolio – Q1 2024 Review

The BBAE MarketGrader Growth Compounding Portfolio delivered an impressive 11.1% return in Q1 2024, outperforming the S&P 500’s 10.6% over the same period. This innovative strategy, which tracks the MarketGrader US Growth Compounding Portfolio Index, offers investors a diversified yet focused exposure to some of the most promising growth stocks in the U.S. market. Through BBAE’s MyAdvisor platform, investors can get one-click access to this growth-focused smart beta strategy with a minimum investment of just $2,000. The portfolio provides transparency by allowing you to own each stock individually, giving you full visibility into your holdings. Click here for the full article. 

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