Fractional Share Investing

Our Fractional Share Investing FAQ provides and insights and guidance on the ins and outs of fractional share investing, which has emerged as a popular and accessible way for investors to diversify their portfolios.

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Can I transfer fractional shares?

Currently, the ability to transfer fractional shares from your BBAE account to another brokerage is not available. Only whole shares can be moved between brokerages. For any fractional shares, these would need to be sold, and the proceeds could then be transferred.

What are the fees associated with fractional shares?

Fractional share trading at BBAE comes with a monthly subscription fee of $5.99. This fee is automatically billed every month until your current subscription period ends.

To turn off automatic renewal, navigate to the “Paid Services” tab within your account settings. Keep in mind, if auto-renewal is disabled, you’ll still have access to fractional share trading until your existing subscription month concludes. To continue using the fractional share trading feature beyond this, you’ll need to manually re-subscribe.

Can I make a short-sell trade using fractional shares?

Currently, the BBAE platform does not support short-selling of fractional shares. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Are fractional shares subject to the same trading hours as whole shares?

Fractional shares can only be bought and sold during regular market hours.

Can I sell fractional shares at any time, or are there any restrictions?

You can sell fractional shares at any time during regular market hours. There are no specific restrictions on selling fractional shares.

How are fractional shares priced?

Fractional shares are priced proportionally to the current market price of the whole share. The price is determined by the current market conditions and the value of the underlying security.

Are fractional shares eligible for stock splits or dividends?

Yes, fractional shares are eligible for stock splits and dividends. If a company declares a stock split, your fractional share will be adjusted accordingly. Similarly, if a company pays dividends, you will receive a pro-rata portion based on your fractional share ownership.

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