Will Utility Stocks Roar Back in 2024?

It’s hard to find someone who knows energy stocks – particularly dividend-paying energy stocks (including utilities and MLPs) – better than Roger Conrad.

Roger comes from the old school of investing expertise: before you go opining in public about something, first know your topic upside down and inside out. 

I literally don’t know anyone more knowledgeable about energy, so I interviewed Roger. It’s one of the deepest interviews I’ve ever done, and I was barely scratching the surface of Roger’s knowledge. 

If you just want someone to tell you what to do in a one-minute TikTok clip, this video is not for you. It’s quite the opposite. But if you want to actually understand some of the major forces driving energy stocks – and why Roger feels that 2024 may be a fantastic rebound year for utilities (which had a relatively terrible 2023), please click here to watch.

Will Utility Stocks Roar Back in 2024?


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