TSLA Earnings, an InsiderEdge Buy Signal in BHVN, and Perspectives on PYPL

TSLA Earnings, an InsiderEdge Buy Signal in BHVN, and Perspectives on PYPL

Welcome back to the BBAE Blog, your trusted source for the latest investment insights and analyses from the BBAE team.  Our featured articles for the week are “BHVN: Insider Edge Buy Signal,” “Tesla Q1 2024 Earnings Review,” and a post from “Pro Investor Letters“, “PayPal’s Future Bright Despite Doubts.” Let’s dive in!

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BHVN: InsiderEdge Buy Signal

An intriguing post from InsiderEdge – catch them all in the BBAE app. Billionaire investor John W. Childs increased his stake in Biohaven Ltd. (BHVN), a company that recently became an independent entity following an acquisition agreement with Pfizer in May 2022. Our AI engine has spotted that Childs has quite a track record with his insider disclosures, with a 100% win rate and a 94% weighted average one-year return. Wow! In this trade, he purchased 195,121 shares at $41.00 per share, totaling $8.00 million. As of this post, the stock was trading at $38.54. Thank you, Mr. Childs, for sharing your scoop.  Click here for the full article.  

TSLA Q1 Earnings Review

Our resident Stock Market Nerd, Brad Freeman, returns with a deep dive on TSLA’s recent earnings. Tesla’s Q1 2024 earnings report showed mixed results, with misses on revenue, GAAP EBIT, and EPS estimates, and a significant free cash flow burn. The company faced headwinds such as price cuts, production disruptions, and slower revenue growth, but benefited from its non-auto business and improved FSD monetization. Tesla is working to reduce input costs and improve profitability in newer projects, while the bear-bull debate remains polarized. The company reiterated its guidance of slowing volume growth in 2024 and having sufficient cash on hand. Tesla’s non-auto businesses, particularly energy storage, continue to perform well, setting new records in gross margins and profitability. Is this the bottom for TSLA?  Click here for the full article. 

PayPal’s Future Bright Despite Doubts, Argues Wedgewood Partners in Q1 2024 Letter

In the latest post from our Pro Investor Letters, available in the Discover section of the BBAE app, Wedgewood Partners argues in their Q1 2024 client letter for PayPal’s (PYPL) long-term potential despite recent doubts. The firm attributes PayPal’s stock decline to normalization after COVID-fueled highs and leadership uncertainty rather than losing market share in the growing digital payments space. Wedgewood emphasizes the importance of maintaining a long-term, owner’s mindset when evaluating companies amid short-term volatility. The letter offers valuable insights into the firm’s investment philosophy, decision-making process, and outlook for their top holdings in their concentrated portfolio. We can all learn something from these guys. Click here for the full post. 

News Recap: US GDP Growth Wasn’t so Bad, TikTok’s Fallout, Meta Earnings

In this week’s news recap, James discusses the recent US GDP growth report, which showed a slower than expected 1.6% growth rate for Q1 2024, down from 3.4% in Q1 2023. However, the main factor dragging down the overall growth number was an unexpected decline in net exports, rather than fundamental weakness in the US economy. Meanwhile, a new US law is forcing TikTok to find a new owner within 12 months or face a ban, which could benefit competitors like Meta, though estimates suggest the impact on Meta’s profits may be limited to around 5%. Meta’s own earnings report led to a significant stock price decline, possibly reflecting growing investor skepticism about the company’s heavy investment in AI. Finally, James raises a perspective on how a concerning number of Europeans lack a basic understanding of how inflation works, underscoring the ongoing need for improved financial literacy globally. Click here for a catch-up on the recent news events driving the market.

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