The World’s 7 Best Investors?

The world's 7 best investors

I sat down to talk with Bankrate Principal Writer and Senior Analyst Jim Royal about an article he recently penned about seven of the world’s best investors. Actually, Jim said “most famous.” That’s said, they’re clearly among the best and have all gotten famous because of excellent returns. 

Here’s Jim’s list:

  1. Warren Buffett
  2. Charlie Munger
  3. Peter Lynch
  4. Carl Icahn
  5. Bill Ackman
  6. Ben Graham
  7. George Soros

Now, you may like some more than others, and that’s just fine. What Jim’s done is highlight a range of players that achieved investing greatness through different means.

Some, like Buffett and Munger and Lynch, the average investor can fully emulate.

Others, like George Soros or Carl Icahn, invest in ways that are much less practical for the everyman. 

But all have lessons to impart. I hope you’ll watch our video and read Jim’s article to learn more.


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