NVDA Earnings, Markel, a No-Downside ETF, and Pro Picks

NVDA Earnings, Markel, a No-Downside ETF, and Pro Picks

Welcome back to the BBAE Blog, your trusted source for the latest investment insights and analyses from the BBAE team. Our featured articles for the week are “Nvidia ($NVDA) Earnings Review,” “A No-Downside ETF? Really?,” “Markel ($MKL): Berkshire Hathaway Reincarnated?,” and “Silver Beech Capital: A Deep Dive into WillScot Mobile Mini ($WSC) and Dentalcorp ($DNTL).”

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Nvidia (NVDA) Earnings Review

Our resident Stock Market Nerd, Brad Freeman, returns to the blog with his deep dive on Nvidia’s ($NVDA) impressive earnings report for the recent quarter. Brad explains how Nvidia has solidified its position as the technology leader in chips designed for accelerated computing and Generative AI (GenAI) use cases. He breaks down key acronyms and definitions related to Nvidia’s products and services and highlights the company’s strong performance and future guidance. Brad also discusses Nvidia’s competitive advantages, including its vertically integrated infrastructure, rapid pace of innovation, and dominance in the GenAI market. This is a must-read for anyone looking to get up to speed on the stock that the entire market is watching closely. Click here for the full article.

Markel (MKL): Berkshire Hathaway Reincarnated?

The BBAE team attended the Markel ($MKL) shareholder conference this week in Richmond, VA. Often referred to as a “Baby Berkshire,” Markel employs an investment strategy similar to Berkshire Hathaway, using its insurance company’s float to generate impressive returns across both public and private markets. The company also fosters a loyal shareholder base through engaging annual meetings. James and Shaoping attended the Markel “Reunion” in Richmond and share their insights in this video post on whether the $21-billion-market-cap Markel can truly be considered an alternative to the nearly $900-billion-market-cap Berkshire Hathaway. Click here for the full video.

A No-Downside ETF? Really?

Calamos Investments is shaking up the ETF world with their latest innovation – the Calamos S&P 500 Structured Alt Protection ETF (NYSE: $CPSM). Launched in May, this groundbreaking ETF offers investors the best of both worlds: the potential for upside gains (currently capped at 9.3% including fees) and complete downside protection. That’s right, zero downside risk for investors who buy at inception. James sat down with Mark Kaufman, Calamos’ Head of ETFs, to dive deeper into the mechanics of this game-changing product and discuss their upcoming suite of no-downside ETFs. In this video post, James and Mark explore how Calamos structures these ETFs without actually buying stocks, the inner workings of the 100% downside protection, the target investor for these products, and much more. Click here for the full video post.  

Silver Beech Capital: A Deep Dive into WillScot Mobile Mini ($WSC) and Dentalcorp ($DNTL)

In their recent Q1 2024 investor letter, featured in BBAE’s Pro Investor Letters, value-oriented investment firm Silver Beech Capital presented compelling investment cases for two under-the-radar companies: WillScot Mobile Mini ($WSC) and Dentalcorp ($DNTL). Portfolio manager James Hollier and his team believe these companies possess strong fundamentals, recurring revenue streams, and significant upside potential. $WSC, a dominant provider of modular building units and portable storage in North America, boasts exceptional pricing power, contracted recurring revenues, and an attractive valuation. Meanwhile, $DNTL, a leading consolidator of dental practices in Canada, benefits from predictable, recurring cash flows and a flexible M&A strategy. Take a look at what these Pro’s have to say! Click here for the full article.  

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