Lessons from Argentina, the Brutal Fall of EV Stocks, and NVIDIA’s Stunning Rise

Lessons from Argentina, the Brutal Fall of EV Stocks, and NVIDIA’s Stunning Rise

Welcome back to the BBAE Blog, your trusted source for the latest investment insights and analyses from the BBAE team. This week, be sure to catch James’ news recap post, which is a new feature we hope you’ll enjoy. Our featured articles for the week are “Will the US Go Bankrupt? Lessons from Argentina,” “The Rise and Brutal Fall of EV Stocks: What’s Next?”, and the first post from our new in-app “Pro Investor Letters” section, “NVIDIA’s Stunning Rise: The Magnificent 1 in Focus.” Let’s dive in!

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Will the US Go Bankrupt? Lessons from Argentina

Are developed countries, including the United States, heading towards bankruptcy? Rob Marstrand, a former UBS executive who now runs the OfWealth newsletter, believes that the warning signs are there, drawing parallels to Argentina’s ongoing economic crisis. In this video interview with James, Rob shares his insights on Argentina’s struggles with sovereign crises, bond defaults, currency instability, and overspending, and discusses his investment strategies in light of these challenges. He also delves into Argentina’s new President Javier Milei’s drastic proposals to curb money printing and corruption, and cautions that developed countries could face similar issues if they don’t change course. Click here to watch the full video and learn more about Rob’s insights on Argentina’s economic crisis and its implications for investors worldwide.

NVIDIA’s Stunning Rise: The Magnificent 1 in Focus

In our inaugural “Pro Investor Letters” post, available exclusively in the BBAE app’s Discover section, we dive into Distillate Capital’s Q1 2024 letter to investors. The letter explores the remarkable rise of NVIDIA and its impact on the market’s valuation levels, comparing NVIDIA’s ascent to Cisco’s trajectory during the TMT bubble. While acknowledging NVIDIA’s impressive positioning amid the AI boom, Distillate Capital emphasizes the importance of capital preservation and downside risk protection. Read on for their full analysis and investment strategies in the complete Q1 2024 letter, and keep an eye out for more Pro Investor Letters in BBAE Discover.

The Rise and Brutal Fall of EV Stocks: What’s Next?

Tornike returns to the blog with a shock post about the current state of EV stocks. The electric vehicle (EV) industry has experienced a rollercoaster ride in recent years, with stock prices soaring to unprecedented heights before plummeting back to earth. Since the start of 2024, EV stocks have sharply declined, led by Rivian, which has seen a drop of over 60% year-to-date, and Tesla, the industry giant, which is down more than 30% this year. In contrast, major market indices such as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have remained in positive territory for the same period. This article takes a deep dive into the factors behind the rise and fall of EV stocks, examines the current state of the industry, and explores what the future may hold for the surviving players in this highly competitive and rapidly evolving market.  Click here for the full article. 

News Recap: Higher Interest Rates, US Consumers, Bitcoin, and a Featured Stock

In this week’s news recap, James dives into the current state of the stock market and the factors influencing its performance. With interest rates expected to remain higher for longer, as indicated by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, stocks have taken a hit. He also examines the health of the US consumer, which is a crucial driver of the country’s economy. Additionally, he explores the behavior of Bitcoin during times of crisis and whether it lives up to its reputation as a safe haven asset. Finally, James shines a spotlight on WW Grainger, a company that has recently appeared on both the Piotroski and MarketGrader Growth Compounders lists, and analyzes its potential as an investment opportunity.  Don’t miss the full post here. 

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