Is Nvidia the Ultimate Income Stock?

Is Nvidia the Ultimate Income Stock?

Recently, Enrique Abeyta of HX Research sent out a trade idea: sell (write) covered calls on Nvidia (Nasdaq: $NVDA). 

The stock was $130. The options’ strike price was $140, with a month to expiry. They cost $4.35 per option when Enrique first wrote about the trade, rising to $8 a day or so later. 

Selling these options would have been a great way to make a quick profit on your Nvidia shares. And while the market has moved on, in this video Enrique – who’s literally been a billion-dollar hedge fund manager – discussed the principles of generating income with covered call writing. 

You’ll learn which stocks are good candidates for writing covered calls, and which aren’t.

Click here or the image below to watch:

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