IPO Guru: I Own 1,000,000 Shares of This Stock

IPO Guru: I Own 1,000,000 Shares of This Stock

Gary Dvorchack, Managing Director of Blueshirt Group, deals with IPOs every day. He talks with BBAE CIO James Early about the ups and downs of the IPO market in recent years, NASDAQ’s changes, and finally shares that he was so impressed with one of Blueshirt’s clients – Tuya (NYSE: $TUYA), an Internet of Things company that’s profitable and sells to clients all around the world – that he and his family ended up adding a million shares to their own account. 

Gary is a true professional and nice guy in one package, and knows his space well, as you’ll see in this video.

Click here or below to watch.

IPO Guru- I Own 1,000,000 Shares of This Stock

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