InsiderEdge™ Highlights: February 2024’s Top Insider Trades

InsiderEdge™ Highlights: February 2024’s Top Insider Trades

Throughout the month of February, InsiderEdge™ by BBAE, our premier analytics tool for insider trading, meticulously sifted through the month’s SEC reporting data to present you with the highlights of corporate insider trading activity. As you may know, these are published daily within the BBAE app. With its AI-driven capabilities, InsiderEdge™ deciphers the complex signals from the corporate insider trading world, translating SEC filings into a curated list of top investing signals. These insights can provide a glimpse into the confidence levels of those who know their companies intimately—corporate insiders.

February has been an outstanding month for InsiderEdge. Now, let’s delve into the highlights.

Skye Bioscience, Inc. ($SKYE)

  • Trade Spotlight: On January 31st, a 10% Owner made a bold move by purchasing 5,206,070 shares at $2.31 per share, an investment totaling $12.03 million.
  • Stock Price Activity: As of the close on March 1st, the stock price had soared to $16.73.
  • Implications of the Trade: The insider’s action indicated a bullish outlook. Such significant buying suggested that the insider might have considered the company’s stock to be undervalued or that they were aware of forthcoming positive developments. It appears that this signal was indeed prescient. Nice trade by the 10% Owner!

SEC Source

Sana Biotechnology, Inc. ($SANA)

  • Trade Spotlight: On February 8th, A 10% Owner executed a significant investment move by purchasing 1,818,180 shares at $5.50 per share. This transaction amounted to a $10.00 million investment and increased their stake by 8.8%.
  • Stock Price Activity: As of March 1st, the stock value climbed to $11.27, representing a 104.91% increase from the purchase price. This purchase was the second-largest in a series of six by this insider, which indicates sustained confidence.
  • Implications of the Trade: The insider’s pattern of repeated purchases might indicate that they believed the stock was undervalued, or they had insights into positive developments on the horizon. Consistent insider buying is often regarded by investors as a strong signal of the company’s potential for growth. Nice trade by the 10% Owner!

SEC Source

Iovance Biotherapeutics, Inc. ($IOVA)

  • Trade Spotlight: On February 20th, a Director significantly increased their stake by purchasing 32,000 shares at $9.15 per share, totaling a $293,000 investment. This purchase marked a 145.5% increase in their vested holdings.
  • Stock Price Activity: By March 1st, the share price had risen to $17.10, netting an impressive 86.89% gain from the director’s buying price. This investment was the most substantial of the director’s three recent transactions, suggesting a considerable surge in confidence.
  • Implications of the Trade: The director’s knowledge of the company’s inner workings implies that this share acquisition could be a sign of strong internal optimism. Looks like he indeed had a hunch. Nice trade by the Director!

SEC Source


  • Trade Spotlight: On February 16th, a 10% Owner starting adding to their position by purchasing an additional 5,160 shares at a price of $31.46 per share, totaling an investment of $162,000. This acquisition resulted in a 0.8% increase in their vested holdings.
  • Stock Price Activity: By March 1st, the stock price closed at $55.91, an increase of 77.7% from the purchase price.
  • Implications of the Trade: The 10% owner’s latest move could suggest an optimistic valuation of the stock. The slight yet purposeful boost in their vested holdings might signal strategic share accumulation. Nice trade by the Director!

SEC Source

Super Micro Computer, Inc. ($SMCI)

  • Trade Spotlight: On February 1st, a Director completed a notable transaction by acquiring 2,000 shares at $568.00 each, amounting to a $1.14 million investment. This purchase expanded their holdings by 4.9%.
  • Stock Price Activity: By the close of trading on March 1st, the stock had reached $905.48, signifying an increase of 59.43% from the director’s buying price. Throughout the month, it even peaked at $1077.87.
  • Implications of the Trade: The director’s considerable investment reflects a strong endorsement of the company’s prospective growth, particularly considering the stock’s significant appreciation over the past six months. The director’s move is certainly an intriguing indication of confidence. Nice trade by the Director! 

SEC Source

Deciphering The Signals

Looking at insider trades can give investors potential insights into a company’s future. An insider buying stock suggests they believe the stock will rise, indicating potential growth or undervaluation. Conversely, insiders selling shares could signal various things: they might need to liquidate assets for personal reasons, or it could hint at perceived overvaluation or upcoming challenges for the company.

However, it’s crucial to understand that insider trading is just one piece of the puzzle. While insider trades can provide valuable context, they are not infallible predictors of stock performance. Investors should always look at the bigger picture, including market conditions, company performance, industry health, and economic indicators, before making investment decisions.

InsiderEdge™ serves as a valuable tool for investors who wish to incorporate insider trading data into their analysis. By spotlighting significant insider trades, it enables investors to potentially align their strategies with those who have the deepest insights into their companies — the corporate insiders.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is for general informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional financial, legal, or investment advice. The content discussed is not a guarantee of future performance or success, and past performance of the securities or strategies mentioned is not indicative of future results. Investment in securities involves substantial risk and has the potential for partial or complete loss of funds invested.

Before making any investment decision, you should perform your own due diligence and consider seeking advice from an independent financial or investment advisor. The reader assumes sole responsibility for any investment decisions and should consider the suitability of investments based on their own personal financial situations and objectives. The author and publisher of this content will not be held liable for any losses or damages arising from the use of the information provided.

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