Account Management

This FAQ provides essential information on account management, covering topics such as updating personal information, changing your password, and accessing account statements. Understanding these aspects of account management will help you stay in control of your investments and make informed decisions on BBAE.

I forgot my password; how can I change it? 

To change your password, make sure you are logged out of your account (Account – Settings – Sign Out) and follow these steps:  

  1. Go to Account and then select Sign In/Sign Up. 
  2. Select Sign In. 
  3. Click the Forgot Password link and follow the prompts. 

How do I apply for options trading? 

To apply for options trading, you must meet specific criteria, such as maintaining a minimum account equity of $1,000 for Level 1 options, for instance. Once you meet this requirement, you can proceed to apply for options directly in the BBAE app. Simply search and select any stock, then click the Options button. You will be guided through a brief options questionnaire to submit your application. For more information on options trading, please click here.

How can I access tax documents in the BBAE app? 

To access tax documents in the BBAE app, please follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the Account tab. 
  2. Select E-statements. 
  3. Select Tax Documents. 
  4. Choose the specific tax document you require. 
  5. Individual tax documents can be downloaded in PDF format and emailed directly to your preferred destination. 

Please note that tax documents for a specific year are typically available by March of the following year. For example, tax documents for the year 2023 will usually be accessible by March of 2024. 

Can I upload my tax documents directly into TurboTax?

Yes, you can directly upload your tax documents into TurboTax by following these steps:

  1. Go to TurboTax and begin your tax return
  2. Select the ‘Federal’ section, locate the “Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Other” category, and click on “Edit/Add”.
  3. For the company name, input the name of BBAE’s clearing firm, “Apex Clearing Corp.
  4. When prompted, enter your Apex login credentials:
    • User ID: Add ’10-‘ before your BBAE account number (e.g., 10-7XJ05000).
    • Password: Use your Social Security Number.
  5. Proceed to upload your trade information.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is intended solely for informational purposes and does not constitute tax advice. BBAE is not responsible for providing tax guidance. Tax laws and regulations are complex and subject to change, which can materially impact investment results. Please consult a qualified tax advisor for personalized advice before uploading any documents or making tax-related decisions.

How do I change my personal information? 

To update your personal information in the BBAE app, please follow these steps: 

  1. Access Your Account: Tap on the Account tab in the bottom navigation bar. 
  2. Navigate to Settings: In the Account section, find and select the Settings option. 
  3. Personal Information: Scroll down until you find the Personal Information section. 
  4. Update Details: Tap on the specific details that you wish to update or change. 

Before you can submit any changes, we will send a verification code to your registered phone number or email address. This is an essential security measure to confirm your identity and protect your information. Once you have entered the verification code, you will be able to submit your changes. 

How do I change my password? 

To change your password, please follow these steps:  

  1. Go to Account and then Settings. 
  2. Scroll down to Security Settings and select Change Password. 
  3. Input your old password. 
  4. Input your new password. 

After selecting “Change Password,” you will be prompted to input your current password or gesture password and then create a new one. Please remember that a strong password enhances the security of your account. 

How do I set my gesture password? 

To set your gesture password, follow these steps: 

  1. Place your finger on any of the 9 dots. 
  2. While keeping your finger on the screen, drag it to form a pattern that connects at least 3 dots (more dots are acceptable). 
  3. Release your finger to complete the pattern. For example, you can create an L shape with 5 dots or a straight line vertically or horizontally with 3 dots. 
  4. You will then be prompted to reproduce the same gesture to confirm and save the password. 

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