Market Data Fees

BBAE provides free real-time market data for all Non-Professional Investor customers who maintain an account balance greater than $2,500. Market data fees apply for customers with an account balance less than $2,500 and those deemed to be Professional Investors. For all Non-Professional Investor new customers, market data fees will be waived for a period of 90 after the first deposit.

Please review the information below for a detailed breakdown of our market data fees.

Stocks – Real-time Market Data (Non-Professional) (>=$2,500 account balance)$0
Stocks – Real-time Market Data (Non-Professional) (>$250 < $2,500 account balance)$3/month
Stocks – Real-time Market Data (Non-Professional) (<=$250 account balance)$10/month
Stocks – Real-time Market Data (Professional Investor)$76/month
Options – Real-time Market Data (Non-Professional)$0
Options – Real-time Market Data (Professional Investor)$50/month

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