Commission and Fee Schedule

Redbridge Securities Fees

Commission Rates*

US Listed Stocks & ETFs
US Options
$1.99 / contract
Options Exercise / Assignment
$6.99 / trade
Option Commission Packages*

10 contracts
30 contracts
50 contracts
100 contracts
500 contracts

Transferring Funds

Domestic Wire Transfers (Outgoing Only)
$25 / wire
International Wire Transfers (Outgoing Only)
$50 / wire
Returned Checks / ACH / Wires and Recalls (Including amendments/repairs)
$30 / item
ACH Notice of Correction
$5 / notice
Stop payments
$30 each
Check Copies
$15 each
Third Party Distribution Notification
$2 / notification

Account Maintenance Fees

Option Initial Fee
Electronic Statements & Confirms
Paper Confirms
$2 / confirm
Paper Postage Statements
$5 / statement
Paper Tax Statements
$5 / statement
ACAT Transfers
$95 / account
DTC Delivery
$25 / security
TOD Account Transfer Fee
$200 / transfer


Dividend Check
$5 / item
Domestic Voluntary / Post Actionable Reorgs
$50 / security / account
International Voluntary / Post Actionable Reorgs
$100 / security / account
Reorg Physical Processing Fee
$125 + transfer agent fee
Margin Sell-Out Fee
$25 / ticket
Short Forced Buy-In Fee
$25 / ticket
Non-transferable stocks
$10 / month each
Domestic Overnight Mail
$50 / request
International Overnight Mail
$100 / request

Market Data Fees

Equity Real-time Data
$3 / month (waived for all accounts with equity balance greater than $1000)
Option Real-time Data (Non-professional)
Option Real-time Data (Professional)
$50 / month

Margin Interest Rates

Loan Balance Interest Rate
$0 - $100K 6.33%
$100K - $1M 5.83%
$1M - $3M 5.33%
$3M+ 5.13%

The margin interest rates effective from 2018-12-20. Subject to change without prior notice.

* Free trading refers to $0 commissions for Redbridge self-directed individual cash or margin brokerage accounts that trade U.S. listed securities via the BBAE platform. Relevant SEC & FINRA fees may apply. Commissions will be applied to options trading. A one-time initial fee of $5 will apply to each newly opened option account which includes 3 free option contracts available for use within 30 days. Option packages can be purchased and are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. Any contracts left unused after 90 days will be lost. If you exceed the number of contracts in your package additional packages can be purchased at any time. If you do not wish to purchase additional packages, a $1.99 per contract charge will apply.

* Additional wire transfer fees charged by any originating, intermediary, or recipient bank may apply. Both incoming and outgoing wire transfer reversals are subject to wire transfer reversal fees. Additional wire transfer reversal fees charged by any originating, intermediary, or recipient bank may apply.

* Processing and service fees assessed by third parties may be passed through to the customer's account. Some products and services may require additional fees or transaction minimums not specifically listed here. Prior to placing a trade or requesting any services, it is the customer's responsibility to ask Redbridge Securities if any additional fees will apply.

BBAE Advisors Fees

Asset Management

US resident Non-Qualified Investors
2% annual fee
Qualified Investors or
Non-residents of the USA
1% annual fee + 10% positive performance


Regulatory Fees

SEC Fee (sell only)
$0.000013 / $1 of proceeds
FINRA TAF (sell only)
Equity: $0.000119 / share, no greater than $5.95
Option: $0.002 / contract
Options Regulatory Fee
$0.0388 / contract