What types of brokerage accounts does BBAE offer?

We offer individual self-directed brokerage accounts through Redbridge Securities LLC, a FINRA member. We offer investment advisory accounts through BBAE Advisors LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor. Individual self-directed brokerage cash accounts are the default account type. Margin trading privileges and options trading privileges may be applied for by completing the respective applications.

If you are interested in opening an entity account, please contact us at bbae@rbsecurities.com for more information.

To provide further details on our account types:

MyMarket - This category emphasizes personal control and autonomy, giving users the freedom to choose and manage their own investments using the platform's trading tools and resources.

  • Cash brokerage accounts - Our default account type that allows buying and selling securities with available cash funds only. No margin or short selling trading is permitted in a cash account. These accounts are suitable for most individual self-directed investors looking to build a portfolio using a mix of stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and other assets.
  • Margin brokerage accounts - For eligible clients seeking leverage and short selling ability. Margin accounts allow you to borrow funds from BBAE to buy securities worth more than the cash you have deposited, up to certain limits. Approval for margin trading privileges is based on eligibility criteria including experience, risk profile, and account equity. Ongoing margin interest charges apply for amounts borrowed on margin. Margin trading is not suitable for all investors due to the additional risks involved.
  • Options brokerage accounts - For eligible clients seeking options trading privileges to use strategic options positions to hedge risks or speculate. Approval is based on options experience, risk tolerance, account equity and other factors. Options trading allows for more complex strategies but also higher risks. Options trading privileges are not suitable or approved for all client accounts.

MyAdvisor - This category caters to investors seeking a hands-off approach to investing while benefiting from the expertise of professional investors. BBAE MyAdvisor partners with market-leading asset allocators to provide active portfolio management, offering personalized, diversified portfolios tailored to each user's unique financial goals and risk tolerance. This approach combines the convenience of automated robo-advisory services with the insights and expertise of professional investors, allowing users to focus on their long-term objectives. Investment advisory accounts offered through BBAE Advisors LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor.

Entity brokerage accounts - For businesses, partnerships, trusts, and other legal entities. Opening an entity account typically requires additional documentation to establish authorization and verify controlling individuals. Account types and trading privileges available depend on the entity structure and financials. Please contact us for details on opening a corporate or institutional account.